18 and older Wood Bat Baseball League
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St. Clair Shores, Michigan
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League Directive: Rule Amendment 2017


Matt Sherock, President (2012)

Pete Smith, Vice President (2012)

Jonathon Clark, Baseball Operations (2014)

Chris Catenaro, Liaison to Officials (2016)

  The SCS MABL is a not for profit Men's Adult Baseball League based in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. The SCS MABL is affiliated nationally with the MSBL/MABL National League and is bound by it rules and Bi-Laws. The below rules and regulations are the allowable interpretations by MSBL/MABL National for our district of St. Clair Shores.

  The SCS MABL is a pay to play league. The board is put in place to ensure the players and managers are represented fairly and the integrity of our league is held intact. All interpretative issues with regards to the rules and regulations are heard and voted on by the board. The board's say is final and sets precedence for future similar issues.

   It is a privilege to play in the SCS MABL and on its respective fields. There is no inherent right granted or implied otherwise. The board and the league members reserve the right to disallow anyone at any time from participating in its league, for any reason. The Board and its members are set up specifically to sustain fair play, proper relationships with MSBL/MABL National, Municipalities, Players, Umpires and the public perception of the SCS MABL.

For any further information regarding the rules, our league or any other information, please see our contacts page.



1)   Article 1 – Team Requirements

a)      Rosters

i)      Rosters are capped at 25 players maximum

ii)    There is no minimum Roster Requirement

iii)   Rosters must be submitted to the league office no later than 4-26-17

(1)   Rosters are posted to the league website scsmabl.com for viewing by all

iv)   Final rosters are locked at 12 Noon, Saturday 5-6-17

b)     Player Eligibility

i)      Players must be 18 years of age prior to playing in the SCS MABL

ii)    Players must be OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL

iii)   Opposing managers can request proof of eligibility (Identification) at any time during a game. It is the player’s responsibility to then prove his eligibility. If proof cannot be provided or substantiated, he is ejected from the current game, ejection rules withstanding. If he is found eligible at a later date, he can be reinstated. If he is found ineligible at a later date, the Manager will additionally serve a 2 game suspension.

iv)   Players MUST play in at least 6 Regular Season games to be play off eligible.

(1)   Managers have the responsibility to prove this to the official Scorekeeper and Board Members

(2)   Players solely on the SUB LIST must be validated by playing defense for at least 1 inning, pitching at least 1 inning, a plate appearance or pinch running

(a)   The official score sheets will be used by the Board to determine games played eligibility

v)     Players WILL NOT participate in an SCS MABL Game without a signed waiver

(1)   Any player found in violation will be banned from league play

(2)   Any manager knowingly allowing a player to play without a signed waiver will be suspended indefinitely

(3)   Any game where it is found an ineligible player participate will be forfeited retroactively by the offending team

vi)   Players may not switch teams without consent of their manager and the board

(1)   Once a player has signed a waiver and declared eligibility with a specific team, the payer is considered “property” of that team for that season

(2)   Players may not switch teams after signing a waiver and being rostered unless released by their manager.

(a)   Any disputes between player and managing team must be heard by the board with both sides present

(b)   Further determinations beyond a hearing are considered final for the current season

(3)   Players must have played three full seasons to be considered Free Agents.

(a)   All player movement regardless of time served must be approved by the board

c)     Uniforms

i)      Teams use a Major League team name and color scheme

ii)    Players must have proper attire to play

(1)   Hat, Pants and Jersey should match and fit the general scheme of their team

iii)   All players must have a number unique to his roster

(1)   No players may switch jerseys once a game has started

iv)   Players may wear a jacket on the base paths

v)     All other rules pertaining to uniforms as dictated by Major League Baseball shall be followed and is solely up to the discretion of the Umpire


2)   Article 2 – Pre and Post Game Requirements

a)     Game time and limits

i)      Time limit is 2 hours and 30 minutes

ii)    Games are 7 innings long

iii)   No inning, including extra innings can be started after 2 hours and 30 minutes

iv)   Extra innings may be played provided the time limited has not elapsed

v)     Game time is noted by the Umpire and marked on the official scoresheet at first pitch

b)     Batting line up

i)      Teams MUST bat 10 players if they are on the bench

ii)    Changes to the batting line up AFTER 1st PITCH are considered substitutions

iii)   There is no maximum numbers of batters in a line up

iv)   You may add batters to the bottom of the line up at any time during the game

v)     You may start and finish with 8 players

vi)   If you have 7 players at any point the game is considered a forfeit

vii) There will be a 15 minute grace prior to the start of a game for teams that have less than 8 players. This counts towards the time limit. After 15 minutes the game will be considered a forfeit. A team must take the field at the scheduled game time if they have 8 players

viii)         Teams only suffer the burden of an automatic out when a player is EJECTED and they have less than 10 batters. If a team only has 10 batters and a player is ejected causing them to fall to 9, his spot in the lineup is an automatic out.

c)     Courtesy Runners

i)      Each team is allowed to declare 2 Courtesy Runners prior to the game

(1)   Managers must initial “CR” next to the player designated to have a courtesy runner

ii)    The designated player can be on the bench or the starting lineup

iii)   The player(s) designated as having a courtesy runner MUST BE RAN FOR. There is no option to run once they are designated

iv)   The last out is always the Courtesy Runner whether batted or off of the base paths

v)     In the event an out has not transpired, player furthest from the batter not on the base paths is the runner

vi)   There is no transferring of the Courtesy Runner, if the player exits the lineup, the courtesy runner is lost

vii)   Courtesy Runners MAY NOT STEAL. They may only advance on pass balls or wild pitches. No straight steals.

viii) There is NO A-B rule as of 1-1-16

d)     Fields and Dugouts

i)      Home team occupies the THIRD BASE SIDE

ii)    All teams are responsible for the cleanliness of their dugout after the game

iii)   Fields, Facilities, Groundskeepers and alike will be respected at all times. Any reports of otherwise will result in immediate suspension

iv)   Smoking or alcohol are not permitted in the dugouts at any time. Field jurisdiction and rules apply for the surrounding areas

v)     Any unsatisfactory field conditions will be reported to the league. The League Presidents and the Board Members are the spokespeople for the league in this regard. Any ill behavior toward city or facility employees will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension

e)     Score Keeping

i)      Official score keepers are assigned to each game

ii)    Line up cards must be given in triplicate as follows

(1)   1 to umpire

(2)   1 To opposing manager

(3)   1 to score keeper

iii)   Line up cards are final after the 1st pitch is thrown

iv)   Any changes after 1st pitch fall under substitution rules

v)     It is the Manager(s) responsibility to agree on calls (Error, Hit, etc.) between innings

vi)   Players may not approach score keepers for these matters of judgement

vii) Once the score sheet leaves the field it is considered Final and will be delivered to the league office

(1)   Statistics will be uploaded after delivery in a timely manner


3)   Article 3 – Game Play

a)     SCS MABL is a wood bat league

i)      Wood Composite is legal

ii)    NO METAL anywhere on a bat is legal

b)     Batting

i)      Major League Baseball Rules Apply

c)     Defense

i)      SCS MABL employs a “Free Substitution” philosophy on defense

(1)    Position players may Sub in and out at will

(2)   Players do not need to be in the batting line up to play defense

d)     Pitching

i)      Major League Baseball Rules Apply

(1)   Once a pitcher is removed he may not renter the same game

(2)   Intentional Base on Balls

(a)   Pitcher MUST throw 4 pitches

(b)   If a player is intentionally walked more than once, he is awarded 2 bases

(c)   The opposing manager must note the 2nd, 3rd etc. walk prior to the next pitch thrown to be awarded the additional base

(3)   Hit by Pitch

(a)   Per MSBL bi laws, a pitcher who HBP’s 3 batters in one game may be removed from pitching at the request of the opposing manager

(b)   Any players deemed being thrown at or hit intentionally, the pitcher will be ejected and immediately suspended pending a review by the board

e)     Dress/Uniforms

i)      Major League Baseball Rules Apply

f)      Base Running

i)      A runner must give himself up to avoid contact at all times

(1)   The discretion of the umpire is FINAL

ii)    Catchers may not be “up the line” without the baseball, therefore impairing the runners ability to score

iii)   Catchers may not block the plate and must allow access to the plate for the runner

(1)   The discretion of the umpire is Final

iv)   Any player deemed to have intentionally made contact or lack of avoidance may be ejected

(1)   Further disciplinary action may be taken by the board as deemed necessary

g)     Mercy Rule

i)      10 run deficit after 5 completed innings

h)    Complete Games

i)      Games are official if the game has progressed to the 5th inning.

(1)   If the home team is ahead in the bottom of the 4th, the game is official

(2)   If the home team is behind in the top of the 5th the game is official.

(3)   Losing team must have at least 4 full innings of at bats (12 outs)

ii)    Games not progressing to be official will be started from the beginning at a later date

iii)   If a game is rained out after 4 complete innings, the game reverts to the final score of the previous completed inning

iv)   Umpires discretion on weather delays is FINAL

i)      Protests

i)      Protests must be brought to the Home Plate Umpires attention PRIOR to the game resuming immediately after the alleged rule violation has occurred. Once a pitch has be thrown, the play cannot be protested.

ii)    There is a $25 fee payable to the league for all protests

iii)   Judgement call cannot be protested

j)      Forfeit

i)      If a game is deemed a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded a 7-0

ii)    If a team forfeits 3 or more times in one season they will be ineligible for the playoffs


4)   Article 4 – Umpires

a)     Rules of the game will be monitored an maintained by the Umpires

b)     Discretionary or judgement calls are final

c)     Umpires can eject any player, coach or fan at any time for any reason

d)     All ejections carry an AUTOMATIC 1 GAME SUSPENSION on top of your current game

i)      2nd ejection carry’s a 3 Game Suspension

ii)    3rd ejection carry’s an indefinite suspension

(1)   Suspensions are automatic as it relates to the above and will not be overruled

e)     Threats to any player, coach, fan, umpire, city worker or anyone in the facility at any time carry an automatic expulsion from the league and its fields. Potential action can and will be taken by the City or local authorities

f)      All ejections are reviewed by the League Board and City alike for severity and pending suspension/expulsion


5)   Article 5 – Playoffs

a)     2017

i)      There will be 6 Playoff Teams

ii)    All Series are best of 5

iii)   Division winners receive an automatic bye to the 2nd round of the SCS MABL playoffs

iv)   The remaining 4 out 5 teams will be seeded based on standings and tie breakers with the last place team ineligible for the playoffs

v)     All games must be a full 7 innings to be official

vi)   All stopped games due to weather or other will be picked up from the point of stoppage

vii) In the event of a rain out prior to start, the home team will keep Home Status for the next game to continue alternating fairness

b)     Wild Cards

i)      In 2017, 4 of the 5 non division winners will make the play offs and bee seeded based on performance

ii)    Last place does not make the playoffs

iii)   3 seed plays 6 seed and will be Home for games 1-3-5

iv)   4 seed plays 5 seed and will be Home for games 1-3-5

c)     Mercy Rule

i)      For playoffs, mercy is 15 after 5

d)     Tie Breakers

i)      Points

ii)    Head to Head

iii)   Most Wins

iv)   Runs Against

v)     Runs For


6)   Article 6 – League Information

a)     Rain Outs

i)      All games are ALWAYS ON as scheduled unless you are OTHERWISE CONTACTED

ii)    The league website has rain out numbers for KYTE MONROE

iii)   On other fields, the manager will be notified by a league board member via text or phone

iv)   The League Board Members have the same access to the rainout line as you. Do not call the league in regards to rainouts, we will contact you. The City makes all field decisions.

v)     Do not assume because it is raining somewhere else, you game is cancelled. Forfeit rules apply

b)     Board

i)      President

(1)   Matt Sherock

ii)    Vice President

(1)   Pete Smith

iii)   Baseball Operations

(1)   Jonathon Clark

iv)   Liaison to Officials

(1)   Chris Catenaro

v)     Website

(1)   scsmabl.com

c)     Email


d)     It is the Manager’s responsibility to know and understand these rules and speak for his team accordingly